Original release date: 04/07/1995 (USA)

The movie starts off with our two main characters, Mike Lowry and Marcus Burnett (?Sonny Burnett, Miami Vice tie in)  driving in Mike’s Porsche. They are driving eastbound on the Port of Miami bridge.

Then it jumps down to the old port bridge that runs parallel to the new one. We first see them eastbound then westbound on the old port bridge with the new higher bridge in the near background.

They are arguing because Marcus is eating in the car. We see they are being tailed. This was not filmed in Florida. Thanks to Harold Loeser who figured out where this was filmed, we now know that this was filmed in San Pedro California. On W. Paseo Del Mar by S. Parker Street. They are driving southbound. Thanks again to Harold Loeser for finding this location and letting me know. 

They pull over, and a team of three approaches to steal the Porsche.  Marcus and Mike pull the old Passenger 57 trick and subdue the would be car thieves. This was filmed on W. Paseo Del Mar at Roxbury Street.

Then we see the opening credits. At the end of the credits we are in downtown Miami. According to the dialog they are on South Miami at 1st Street. In real life they are not far off. They were traveling southbound on SW 1 Ave under the metrorail. They are headed away from West Flagler Street toward SW 1st Street. The Dade County Courthouse can be seen in the background on the right side of the screen.

They shoot the decoy and toss him out on SW 1 Ave. before reaching SW 1st St. We then see this team atop 54 NE 2nd Street which is standing in for the Miami Police Department building.

Then it cuts to the interior of the Police Department. This was filmed inside the Dupont Building. The Duont Building is located at 169 East Flagler Street in downtown Miami. I recognized this location because the USA Network show, Burn Notice has used this location a couple of times, most notably as Michael’s Bank in the series' Pilot. The bank’s beautiful old vault door can be seen behind the guard.

Then we see the exterior of the Police Department. This was  also filmed at the Dupont Building.

The crew steals a load of drugs from the evidence room and gets away. Then we see an establishing shot of the Fountain Street Bridge (Palm Island) with Miami in the distant background.  

Then we go to Burnett’s house. This was filmed on NW 15th Avenue in Miami across from the intersection of NW 8th Street. 1 block north of the Orange Bowl where they filmed Smokey And The Bandit 2.

From there we go to the police station. This was filmed at yet a third location (for the Police Department). The Miami Dade Courthouse.

Then we go inside to where the drugs had been stolen. This was filmed inside the Dupont Building (former Florida National Bank and Trust).

Burnett and Lowry hit the streets looking for info. This was filmed at an old Dade Tire location near downtown Miami. 1501 N. Miami Ave. I did not know where this was but fortunately when I did an internet search I found someone was selling a lighter that promoted the business. It had the address on it. Lucky.

Then we go to the Congress Gym to meet Max. Thanks to Ivan Vuong of Sydney Australia we now know that this was filmed at 1401 N. Miami Ave., Miami. A former fire station, and location seen in Miami Vice episode 73, Child’s Play and the movie 2 Fast, 2 Furious. Thank you Ivan for taking the time to let me know where this was filmed. Both exterior and interior shots were filmed here.

Then we return to the Police Department (Dupont Building).

Then we see Mike and Marcus head out to see the guy who installed the ventilation to the evidence room. We see them on Bridge Road headed onto Star Island.  

Then they arrive at the house which is actually located on Star Island. This was filmed at 40 Star Island.

Then we see Marcus and Mike driving in a car first westbound on the Venetian causeway then eastbound. They repeat this change of direction several times as they are seen driving over the same stretch of road repeatedly. The new bridge to Watson Island can be seen in the background. After arguing they end up breaking into their rendition of the Bad Boys song.

Then we go to Max’s Madam’s house. This was filmed at 4731 Pinetree Drive, Villa Crono, Miami Beach. We saw this location used in Miami Vice in the episodes, Miracle Man and Freefall. We will see it again in Burn Notice. In the episodes titled Eyes Open and Eye For An Eye.

Then we go to the Biltmore for a “party”. This was actually filmed at the Biltmore. They were also correct when the dialog said they were in the Al Capone suite at the Biltmore. They were.

The party does not go well and Julie escapes via the roof and swimming pool. All filmed at the Biltmore.

Then we cut to the madam’s house (Lois Fields) where she is about to get whacked. Mike shows up and calls for backup.  He gets knocked out and Lois gets killed.  

It cuts to Marcus at the police station (Dupont building), where Julie calls for Mike’s help. Marcus steps in. Julie’s is calling from room 14 in the Tides Hotel.

Then we see Marcus pull up in front of the Tides. 1220 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach. He goes up to her room, # 14.

The bad guys show up and Julie and Marcus have to exit via the fire escape on the south side of the Tides Building. The fat bad guy follows them while the other one exits the front door of the Tides Hotel. As Julie and Marcus escape in the alley way, the Senator hotel (seen in the Miami Vice episode, Milk Run) can be seen in the background. Now a parking lot.

Julie and Marcus get away. We see them pass Wolfie’s, Collins Avenue at 21st Street. Seen in numerous episode of Miami Vice but sadly gone now.

They continue driving but not going anywhere. Now we see them going both north and southbound on Collins Ave. We see them pass the Shelbourne, the Tropics, Gino’s, and the Gayety (twice we see their showgirls sign). Filmed on Collins Ave. Between 15th and 19th Streets.

Then they arrive at Mike’s place. The Collins Park apartments.  2000/2030 Park Avenue in Miami Beach. I first remember seeing this location on film in Miami Vice. The season two episode, Bought and paid for. During the famous Ferrari vs. Lamborghini chase, they race around this building.

Then we see Mike and Marcus show up outside the Police Department. This is yet a fourth location for the police station.  It appears to be Miami Beach but I have not sussed out the location yet.

Then we see them inside the police gym. Filming location unknown.

Next we go to Marcus’ house where he explains to his wife that he has to go to Cleveland and Mike is going to stay with her.

Then we go to the drug lab. This was filmed inside a real ship on the Miami River.

Then it cuts to Mike’s place where Julie identifies one of the bad guys.

It then cuts to Marcus’ house where Mike is telling stories to Marcus’ kids.

Then back to Mike’s place briefly before we see them together at the Police Station (Dupont Building).

Then we head back to Mike’s place where Yvette stops by.

From there they go to Club Hell. Fans of the movie Miami Vice 2006, will recognize this location. It is the Scottish Rite, located at 471 NW 3rd Street in Miami.

For some unknown reason Mike and Marcus forget they are cops and turn into cowards. This allows us to see a chase scene when they steal the bad guys truck that is carrying ether. The chase jumps from the Scottish Rite by the Miami River all the way over to the port of Miami/Dodge Island. They are westbound at the far west end of the Island headed toward the mainland. Then they drive under the new port bridge that was under construction.

Then it is out onto the old port bridge still westbound.

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Then they go inside. The inside was filmed at the Dupont Building.


As seen in Miami Vice, Child’s Play

As seen in 2 Fast, 2 Furious.

As seen in Freefall