Bucum arrives at his office in the shadow of the water tower. This location has now become a favorite filming location for the television series, Burn Notice. They filmed parts of the Pilot, Breach Of Faith and A Dark Road here. Bucum’s office is in Miami on NE 81st Street adjacent to the intersection of NE 5th Court.

Light blue arrow points to Bucum’s office. Light green arrow indicates Bucum’s arrival route. Red arrow points to adult film studio with pool where numerous adult films are made.

Bucum heads out. We see a brief aerial shot of South Beach centered over 9th Street.

Then we are at Sheldon’s Drugs, a Miami Beach landmark. Filmed on location at 9501 Harding Avenue, Surfside Florida. Sheldon’s has since closed and is now an HSBC office.

When Reggie comes out of Sheldon’s, Bucum is ready and waiting on 95th Street just west of Harding Avenue outside Big Daddy’s.

Reggie spots Bucum and takes off running eastbound on 95th Street.

Then he turns into the first alley on the right (west side of Post Office) headed south.

Judging by the skid marks this scene took several takes before they got the one they liked.

Then through some Hollywood magic, in this case Hollywood Florida, we see them running thru a jumbled set of alleys. They are no longer in Surfside but have jumped up to Hollywood. They are in a small alleyway off the famous alley that runs parallel to Hollywood Blvd. between Hollywood Blvd. And Harrison Street. This alley was first made famous in Smokey and The Bandit 3 but has since been used several times by Burn Notice.

Then they run in thru the rear door of Try My Thai Cafe at 2003 Harrison Street. They run thru the restaurant. This restaurant is now called the Greek Joint.

However; when they are seen running out the front they are no longer on Harrison Street but have moved north to Hollywood Blvd. and they are running out of 1942 Hollywood Blvd.

2003 Harrison St.

Reggie steals a motorized scooter in front of 1948 Hollywood Blvd.  Fans of Smokey and the Bandit 3 may recognize this location as the corner where Smokey crashes through the flowers on the sidewalk.

They run into Anniversary Park on the NE corner of the intersection of Hollywood Blvd. and 20th Ave.

They run north through the park and then with some Hollywood magic they jump to the alley south of Hollywood Blvd. Reggie climbs up onto the roof of 1928 Hollywood Blvd. Pizza Rustica. We see the front of Pizza Rustica in Burn Notice episode 65, Mind Games. We see this same exact location in the alley in Burn Notice episode 35. Shots in The Dark.

It was painted white when they filmed Smokey And The Bandit 3.

Shots In The Dark

Burn Notice

Then it cuts and we are in South Miami Beach, on Euclid Avenue at the rear of the Paris Theater (550 Washington Ave.). The Paris Theater is seen in Miami Vice episodes 110, Free Fall and in episode 29, Tale of the Goat where they use the lobby to lay out Papa Legba.  We also see it used in the movie Bad Boys.

We see some questionable looking guys enter the rear of the theater.

We go to the roof where they are doing a photo shoot that turns into a murder/diamond heist.

Then we see a brief aerial view of the area around the Alfred Dupont Building in downtown Miami.

Unlike at the start of the movie, when they come down to street level it was not an accurate aerial view as they are back on South Beach. Reggie is walking eastbound on 6th Street toward Euclid Ave.

Bucum comes up behind Reggie and the chase is back on.  Reggie runs down Euclid and into the rear of the Paris Theater.

Bucum runs into the murdering thieves but luckily they have become very poor shots.

They take off in the van headed southbound on Euclid Avenue.  Reggie is stowed away in the back of the van.

Next we see the van westbound on the MacArthur Causeway approaching Watson Island.

We go inside the van where the van goes both east and west bound, repeatedly over the same stretches of the MacArthur Causeway.

Then we see them pull into a marina. For this they have jumped all the way up to North Miami to Spinnaker Marina (now TNT) 1940 NE 135th Street. 13499 Biscayne Blvd. is seen in the background as they pull in.  This same apartment building is seen in the background of Miami Vice episode 22, Lombard.

Reggie escapes and we cut back to the Paris Theater where Bucum is released after giving a statement but he is told to drop the case.

Then we see Reggie arrive home where he and his girlfriend Gina learn that they won the lottery, and Reggie learns he has lost the ticket with his wallet.  This was filmed on location at the Diane Motel, Hollywood Florida. This is the same Motel where Michael Westen gets his first room in the Pilot of Burn Notice.

Then we cut to an aerial view looking south over Dinner Key.

Then we are on the ground outside the old Coast Guard Hangar at Dinner Key which was just outside the aerial shot that we just saw.

This is an historically famous landmark which for me gained more significance in the Miami Vice episode, Milk Run.

Then we go inside. Filmed on location on the second floor of the hangar.

Then we return to the Diane Motel in Hollywood where Reggie is leaving so that he can go back to the marina and track down his wallet.  Only Bucum has tracked him down and has other ideas.

This is where Michael puts his plan to lose the FBI tail into action, in the Burn Notice Pilot.

Bucum captures Reggie at the east end of Minnesota Street.

Bucum was parked on North Surf Road facing south behind the Diane Motel.

Bucum parks


Then they go for a ride where Reggie persuades Bucum to help him. The location of most of this drive is unknown but the last segment where he does the quick U-Turn is known. Bucum is traveling northbound on South Bayshore Drive by Dinner Key and then pulls a U-Turn in front of the Double Tree Hotel when he reaches Darwin Street.

Then we see a fly over shot of Brickell.

Next we se them return to the marina. This time it is the first marina, Spinnaker Marina in North Miami. 13499 Biscayne Blvd. is again seen in the background.

Next we see Bucum at an outside bar having a beer and talking on the phone to Pam at the 81st Street office. Bucum was filmed at Nick’s Bar on Hollywood Beach immediately south of the Diane Motel. We saw Nick’s in the Burn Notice Pilot as well as in the movie, Marley And Me.

Then we see  Julian arrive outside the motel.

Bucum has Gina and Reggie handcuffed to the bed inside the Diane Motel.

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