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  Ace Ventura

Pet Detective


Then we go inside the police station. This is set up to be at SW 8th Street and Douglas Road but I have not been inside to confirm this. Location unknown.

Next, we see Ace at a nightclub where he gets help from Woodstock in his secret back room. Location unknown.

Then we go to Camp’s party. The exterior scenes were shot on location at Villa Vizcaya , 3251 South Miami Ave., South Miami. We have seen this used in Tony Rome, Absence of Malice, the Porky’s trilogy, in Burn Notice episode 54: Hard Time, and in the Miami Vice episodes, Whatever Works, and French Twist.

Then we go inside. However; we are not inside Villa Vizcaya. Location unknown.

When Ace sneaks outside he is back at Villa Vizcaya, on the north side.

As finds his way into the basement. Location unknown.

Rear of Villa Vizcaya.

Then we see Ace enter Melissa’s place with her.

Location unknown.

Then we see Ace hit the road. We see him southbound on NW 26th Avenue along the western border of Joe Robbie Stadium.

As he continues down the road we see the south side of the stadium but they are still on NW 26th Ave.

Then we see Ace on the track. Location unknown.

Then inside a mailbox. Location unknown.

Then an unknown bar. Possibly at the Orange Bowl. Location unknown.

Then back to Ace’s place.

Back to the track. Location unknown.

Then a shower. Location unknown.

Autograph session. Location unknown.

Unknown bathroom.

Back to the track. Location unknown.

Then we return to Melissa’s house. Location unknown.

Then we go to Roger Podacter’s apartment where he was found murdered at the base of the building, south side. This was Filmed at Oceania, 16425 Collins Avenue, Sunny Isles.

Then we see Ace and Melissa driving at night. Location unknown.

Then we see them at Joe Robbie stadium in Miami Gardens.

They go inside what is suppose to be the stadium. Location unknown.

For safety reason, Melissa stays over at Ace’s.

Then we see Ace on the road again. Not enough is seen for me to determine where this was filmed. Location unknown.

Then they arrive at Finkle’s house. Location unknown.

Then we see Ace on a payphone talking to Melissa. This has been reported to have been filmed at Jimbo’s on Virginia Key But the background, despite being Jimbo’s like, does not match up so I cannot confirm that it was filmed at Jimbo’s. Location unsure.

Melissa is in her office. Location unknown.

Then we see Ace driving westbound on Arthur Lamb Jr. road on Virginia Key. This same stretch of road has been used in Miami Vice, episode 9, Glades. It has also been used in Burn Notice. In Episodes Rough seas, and breach of faith.

Then we see see Dan Marino doing a television ad. He is at Greenwich Studios in Miami.

Then we see the police arriving at Greenwich Studios through the main gate off of NE 16th Avenue at NE 121st Street.

Then we see Marino get carried off.

We see Ace arriving at the studio as the kidnappers take Marino away. He arrives at the studio by driving westbound on NE 122nd Street.

They are on the NE corner of Stage A.



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Miami Vice: Glades