2 Fast, 2 Furious


Release date: 06/06/2003 (USA)

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The movie starts with a group closing off a street with a barricade in preparation for a street race. This was filmed looking north up North Miami Avenue from the intersection with 11th Street.

Then it cuts to the starting area. First we see a view looking east down NE 14th Street from N. Miami Avenue.

Then we see the old fire station located on the north side of 14th Street at North Miami Avenue.

Then it cuts to Flagler Street at NE/SE 2nd Avenue, outside the Olympia Theater.

Then it cuts back to North Miami Avenue at NE 14th Street.

Looking south

Then we get the fourth for the race. This was filmed in Hollywood Florida at 1200 North Ocean Drive.

Then we see Brian headed westbound on the Rickenbacker Causeway Bridge away from Virginia Key. We have seen this bridge used in Absence of Malice, Marley and Me, multiple episodes of Burn Notice as well as several episodes of Miami Vice.

Then we cut back to North Miami Avenue.

Then back to Brian who is speeding under the Port Of Miami Bridge. We saw this location used in All About The Benjamins.

Then south under the port bridge with the Royal Caribbean HQ building in the background.

Then Brian arrives on North Miami Avenue at 14th Street.

The race begins southbound on North Miami Avenue.

Then it cuts and all though it appears that they are leaving the starting area, they are not. They are now southbound on NE 1st Avenue passing NE 13th Street. We see this location in Florence Italy. Episode 38 of Miami Vice.

Then it cuts and they are southbound on NE 2nd Avenue passing NE 3rd Street. This is familiar Miami Vice territory as we saw this location used in episode 38, Florence Italy.

Then southbound on NE 1st Avenue passing NE 13th Street again.

Then it appears that they are again southbound on NE 2nd Ave by NE 3rd Street but I can’t see enough to say for sure.

Then southbound through the 300 block of Biscayne Blvd.

Then eastbound on SE 4th Street in the 300 block.

continuing eastbound on SE 4th Street.

Then southbound on South Miami Avenue at SE 4th Street which is actually going backwards in real life as they have already passed this location.

Then eastbound on SE 4th Street near SE 1st Ave.

Then southbound on Biscayne Blvd. in the area of NE 3rd Street.

Then still eastbound on SE 4th Street approaching the River Park Hotel, 100 SE 4th Street.

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As seen in All About The Benjamins